What is Audubon at Home?

Our life on Earth depends upon natural systems that provide us with air to breath, water to drink, food to eat, and sources of energy and raw materials. Overburdening those natural systems can change the natural equilibrium. Concentrations of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, for example, have increased by more than thirty percent since pre-industrial times. This, and possibly other factors, have contributed to a world that is slowly warming. This is producing a series of changes in climate that threaten the continued survival of many bird species.

Audubon at Home promotes positive change in our daily activities to make life on Earth more sustainable. Careful consideration of our actions can help maintain healthy habits that can help support birds and other wildlife. Audubon at Home provides information and resources to enable you :

  • to incorporate conservation choices into daily lifestyle decisions at home and at work, such as deciding what products to buy
  • to develope and maintain a healthy yard that is attractive to birds
  • to work with Audubon chapters and community groups to create healthy neighborhoods
  • to work with Audubon chapters to create, restore, and monitor bird habitats
Apply for Habitat Recognition

Example SignOur backyards, schoolyards and business landscaping are our own private little pieces of nature and can provide a measure of serenity. Read about how to landscape natively and register your habitat. If you quailfy, with a $25 donation you can have a sign identifying your habitat as Desert Rivers Audubon approved.

Click here to read more and register your habitat!

Audubon at Home Green Links

Take a pledge to reduce your consumption of natural resources. We’ll help you find “green products” and business, and learn how to do it!

You can pick up our Audubon at Home brochure at any of our meetings.