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Mike Rupp Photojournalism Scholarship

Mike Rupp was the Founding President of Desert Rivers Audubon. His efforts and vision have brought our chapter many of the successes that we enjoy today. His design talent has made our newsletter a point of pride for our chapter. He also has contributed articles and photos to the newsletters, and written and designed our promotional materials including brochures and banners.

To recognize Mike's contributions to Desert Rivers Audubon, the Mike Rupp Photojournalism Scholarship has been created. This scholarship will be awarded to young people ages 16 to 24 who display a talent for photojournalism. The scholarship must be used to further that young person's nature education. Click here to see the scholarship rules. (MS Word format)

To honor Mike or contribute to the nature education of a deserving young person, please donate here.

Why Private Support is Important

Desert Rivers Audubon works to conserve Arizona’s wildlife and wildlife habitat by engaging people of all ages in education, conservation and action. Continuing our vital work depends on generosity from people like you. One of the most basic ways we as a society can shape the future for ourselves and generations to come is to preserve the natural world around us. Perhaps you are drawn to the desert, marshes, fields and forests of Arizona because of your appreciation for the wonder and beauty of nature, your recognition of the interconnectedness of habitat, wildlife, and human survival, or the opportunities the natural world offers for discovery, refuge, and renewal. Whatever the reason, your support of Desert Rivers Audubon shows that you are aware of the many threats to these special places and the birds and other wildlife they harbor. Your support demonstrates you are willing to help conserve Arizona's wildlife and wildlife habitat for generations to come. Desert Rivers Audubon relies on the generosity of individuals, businesses, private foundations, and other philanthropic sources to continue its mission of preserving wildlife and at-risk, natural habitats.  For more than 50 years, Audubon in Arizona has united concerned citizens to preserve wildlife and wildlife habitat through citizen science, habitat preservation, advocacy and education. Our critical work cannot take place without your financial support. You can donate to Desert Rivers the following ways:

Corporate Donations / Business Memberships

A great way your company or corporation can identify itself as environmentally concerned is to support Desert Rivers by becoming a corporate sponsor. Your gift of $300 or more entitles you to regular membership benefits, a listing in each issue of the Desert Rivers newsletter, and a link to your company website from our “Links” page. Larger donations for specific programs and events are an important way for Desert Rivers to accomplish it’s mission. Sponsorship gives your company headline credits in all media materials related to “your” event or program and provides excellent public visibility and employee engagement opportunities.

Planned Giving & Bequests

Has Arizona's beauty enriched your life? By naming Desert Rivers Audubon in your will, you can be assured that the preservation of the environment will be continued past your lifetime. By making a bequest from your will or living trust (or a future gift of retirement plan assets or life insurance premiums) you may be able to make a more substantial and lasting contribution than you had thought possible. Another option is to bequeath a percentage of your estate to Desert Rivers Audubon along with other beneficiaries, or to give the residual after other bequests have been fulfilled. The type of bequest depends on individual circumstance but may take the form of specified amounts of cash, securities, life insurance, real estate or other property. A bequest in your will is often the most direct and most significant way to make a planned gift to Desert Rivers Audubon. At the same time, you can achieve your personal goals and protect your and your family's financial security. Charitable bequests are fully deductible and can help reduce your state and federal estate taxes. If you are interested in updating your will or adding a codicil to include Desert Rivers Audubon as a beneficiary please consult with your attorney.

Matching Workplace Gifts

Some employers will match your membership or annual fund gift to Desert Rivers Audubon, substantially adding to your support of our good work. Just obtain your company's matching gifts form and enclose it with your membership or annual fund donation - we'll do the rest! If you have questions or would like to discuss giving options, please email us at

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Gifts to Desert Rivers Audubon Society's Tribute Fund are a thoughtful way to remember a friend, associate or relative. When you send a tribute gift to DRAS, an acknowledgement letter is sent to you and to the person or family of the individual recognized.  Your name and the purpose of the gift will be known, but not the amount of the Gift.  Contact us at to arrange your memorial gift.

Gift Membership

Give a gift that keeps on giving. A gift membership includes all membership benefits and shows you care while supporting Desert Rivers Audubon. You can give a membership through this website, see the “Membership” page, or by emailing us at

Life Insurance Policies

Do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? Perhaps your other assets have grown to provide the protection you require and the insurance policy lies forgotten in a safety deposit box? Your insurance policy could make a wonderful charitable gift to Desert Rivers Audubon. Instead of giving cash or stock, you could sign over your paid-up life insurance policy to Desert Rivers Audubon and, generally speaking, receive a charitable income tax deduction for the replacement value of the policy.  Desert Rivers Audubon Society could then cash in the policy and put the dollars to work right away. If you have an existing life insurance policy in which you are still making premium payments on, you can make the society the owner and beneficiary, the policy would be retained, and you would get charitable deductions for future premiums that you make towards the policy. Another popular alternative is to take an existing life insurance policy and designate Desert Rivers Audubon Society a primary beneficiary, or you can designate Desert Rivers Audubon Society as a secondary beneficiary if the primary beneficiary or beneficiaries predeceases you. If you have insurance you may like to contribute, or if you are currently paying premiums on a policy and want to discover how this policy might work as a gift to Desert Rivers Audubon, contact us at  She would be pleased to describe the various ways insurance can be used prudently to make a planned gift.  As with any planned gift, it is also recommended that you consult with a qualified estate planner, legal or tax advisor before making such a contribution, to be certain that this method of giving is best for you.


The old saying, "You can't take it with you," is only partially true. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  You can take something with you . . . and that is the satisfaction of knowing that you left your possessions behind where they would do the greatest good. For most people, this includes thoughtful provision for a spouse and children. It may also include charitable bequests to organizations like Desert Rivers Audubon. When you include Desert Rivers Audubon Society in your will, you affirm your belief in the Society’s mission of preserving wildlife and natural places for future generations. Such action also encourages those you leave behind to consider how they can also help preserve our natural heritage. Finally, when you include Desert Rivers Audubon in your will, you tell us that you want us to continue to fulfill the Society’s mission in this world. You reveal your vision for our future! You encourage us to be good stewards of the planet and help us to foster an environmental awareness and conservation ethic among all! For more information about wills and other ways of giving, please contact us at and we would be honored to thank you personally for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Retirement Accounts and Pension Plans

Naming Desert Rivers Audubon as the benefiiary of your retirement account is an excellent way to make a bequest and gain tax incentives.

Real Estate

You can donate real estate or land holdings to Desert Rivers Audubon. Your donation might be a priority natural area intended for protection or real estate intended for sale.  Ir you are considering a gift of real estate, please talk with us first to assure that your gift fits within our conservation strategies.